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Christmas is here with our Golden ticket competition now underway

The first of our many customers are arriving for Christmas and New Year, with the Golden ticket competition now underway. If you stay 3 nights or more during festive time you will receive a gift and a golden ticket then goes into a draw - the winner will win one free weeks stay in 2018 (excluding peak times). Previous winners have been Margaret and David Dyer, Emma and Andy Grand-Scrutton, who will it be this year. Find out on new years day who the lucky winner will be. We have a few spaces available from now until 30th December where the caravan park is full, for the very first time during this time!!!

In addition to Golden ticket / festive cheer competition we also will be judging best dressed caravans and motorhomes on the park. Chris & Martin Clack have been the the previous winners, but are not eligible for judging this year to allow a new winner. All pictures will be posted on our site over the festive time.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

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